Keys on Species Level

These interactive keys are still at an experimental state. Misidentification may be due to lacking data.

Species Level Data – Lichenized and Lichenicolous Ascomycetes:

Arthoniaceae Covered taxa: taxa with red ascomata open
Biatoraceae Covered region: Europe open
Cladoniaceae Covered region: Queen-Charlotte-Islands open
Dacampiaceae Covered taxa open
Dactylosporaceae   open
Epigloeaceae Complete set open
Lecanoraceae Covered taxa open
Lecideaceae Covered region: Europe open
Lichinaceae   open
Megalosporaceae Complete set open
Parmeliaceae   open
Physciaceae Covered taxa open
Rimulariaceae Covered taxa open
Sphaerophoraceae Covered taxa open
Teloschistaceae   open
Thelotremataceae Covered taxa open
Umbilicariaceae   open
Verrucariaceae   open

Species Level Data – Non-lichenized Ascomycetes:

Erysiphaceae Complete set open

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First posted on 1996-01-01; last update: 2010-05-17.

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