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Protoblastenia: A C I L R S T
Psora: C D G H I N P R
Psoraceae: T

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Protoblastenia aurata Poelt & Vezda

Protoblastenia calva (Dicks.) Zahlbr.

Protoblastenia cyclospora (Hepp ex Körb.) Poelt

Protoblastenia incrustans (DC.) J. Steiner

Protoblastenia laeta (Poelt) Kainz & Rambold

Protoblastenia lilacina Poelt & Vezda

Protoblastenia rupestris (Scop.) J. Steiner

Protoblastenia siebenhaariana (Körb.) J. Steiner

Protoblastenia terricola (Anzi) Lynge

Psora californica Timdal

Psora cerebriformis W. A. Weber
Psora crenata (Taylor) Reinke

Psora decipiens (Hedw.) Hoffm.

Psora globifera (Ach.) A. Massal.

Psora himalayana (C. Bab.) Timdal

Psora icterica (Mont.) Müll. Arg.

Psora nipponica (Zahlbr.) Gotth. Schneid.

Psora nitida Timdal

Psora pacifica Timdal

Psora pseudorussellii Timdal

Psora rubiformis (Ach.) Hook.

Psora russellii (Tuck.) A. Schneid.

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