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Cecidonia: U X
Immersaria: A
Lecidea: A B C D E F G H I L M O P Q R S T U V
Lecideaceae: T
Melanolecia: T
Porpidia: C G M
Rhizolecia: H
Trapelia: C I

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Cecidonia umbonella (Nyl.) Triebel & Rambold

Cecidonia xenophana (Körb.) Triebel & Rambold

Immersaria athroocarpa (Ach.) Rambold & Pietschm.

Lecidea advena Nyl.

Lecidea altoandina Hertel
Lecidea andersonii Filson
Lecidea atomaria Th. Fr.
Lecidea atrobrunnea (Lam. & DC.) Schaer.
Lecidea atromorio C. Knight
Lecidea auriculata ssp. brachyspora Th. Fr
Lecidea auriculata Th. Fr. var. auriculata

Lecidea baffiniana H. Magn.

Lecidea bella Hertel
Lecidea brunneofusca H. Magn.

Lecidea cancriformis C. W. Dodge & G. E. Baker

Lecidea capensis Zahlbr.
Lecidea cerviniicola de Lesd.
Lecidea chantriana Müll. Arg.
Lecidea charadrodes Zahlbr.
Lecidea cinerata Zahlbr.
Lecidea circinarioides Casares & Hafellner
Lecidea confluens (Weber) Ach.
Lecidea confluentula Müll. Arg.
Lecidea confluescens Nyl.
Lecidea cruciaria Tuck.

Lecidea degeliana Hertel

Lecidea diducens Nyl.

Lecidea ecrustacea (Anzi ex Arnold) Arnold

Lecidea esuriens Zahlbr.

Lecidea fuscoatra (L.) Ach.

Lecidea fuscoatrata Nyl.
Lecidea fuscoatrula Nyl.

Lecidea grummannii Hertel

Lecidea gypsicola Llimona

Lecidea haerjedalica H. Magn.

Lecidea hassei Zahlbr.

Lecidea infirmata Arnold

Lecidea inops Th. Fr.

Lecidea laboriosa Müll. Arg.

Lecidea lapicida (Ach.) Ach. var. lapicida
Lecidea lapicida var. pantherina Ach.
Lecidea leprosolimbata (Arnold) Lettau ex Poelt
Lecidea leucothallina Arnold var. leucothallina
Lecidea leucothallina var. discrepans Rambold & Hertel
Lecidea leucothallina var. kujalae (Räsänen) Hertel
Lecidea lithophila (Ach.) Ach.
Lecidea lygomma Nyl. ex Cromb. var. lygomma
Lecidea lygomma var. crassilabra (Müll. Arg.) Hertel & Rambold
Lecidea lygommoides Rambold

Lecidea mannii Tuck.

Lecidea maungahukae Hertel
Lecidea medusula (C. W. Dodge) Hertel
Lecidea micacea Körb.

Lecidea obluridata Nyl.

Lecidea ochroleuca Pers.
Lecidea ochroplaca Zahlbr.

Lecidea pantherinella Hertel

Lecidea paramonicola Hertel
Lecidea paratropoides Müll. Arg.
Lecidea paupercula Th. Fr.
Lecidea pertecta Hertel
Lecidea placodiiformis Hue
Lecidea plana (J. Lahm) Nyl.
Lecidea poeltii Hertel
Lecidea praenubila Nyl.
Lecidea promiscens Nyl.
Lecidea promiscua Nyl.
Lecidea promixta Nyl.
Lecidea protabacina Nyl.
Lecidea protecta H. Magn.
Lecidea pseudoplana Hertel
Lecidea pseudopromiscens Hertel & Rambold

Lecidea quartzina Stizenb.

Lecidea rapax Hertel

Lecidea rogeri Hertel

Lecidea santessonii Hertel

Lecidea sarcogynoides Körb.
Lecidea sauteri Körb.
Lecidea saxonica H. Magn.
Lecidea siderolithica Müll. Arg.
Lecidea signyana Hertel
Lecidea silacea Ach.
Lecidea sinensis H. Magn.
Lecidea speirodes Nyl.
Lecidea spheniscidarum Hertel
Lecidea sporastatioides Hertel
Lecidea steineri Hertel
Lecidea subceresina Zahlbr.
Lecidea subfumosa (Arnold) Zwackh
Lecidea subspeirea Coppins, P. James & Hertel
Lecidea sudetica Körb.
Lecidea swartzioidea Nyl.
Lecidea syncarpa Zahlbr.

Lecidea terrena Nyl.

Lecidea tessellata Flörke
Lecidea tragorum Zahlbr.

Lecidea ullrichii Hertel

Lecidea umbonata (Hepp) Mudd

Lecidea vareschiana Hertel ined.

Lecidea variegatula Nyl.
Lecidea verruca Poelt

Lecideaceae template_01

Melanolecia transitoria (Arnold) Hertel

Porpidia crustulata (Ach.) Hertel & Knoph

Porpidia grisea Gowan

Porpidia macrocarpa (DC.) Hertel & A. J. Schwab

Rhizolecia hybrida (Zahlbr.) Hertel

Trapelia coarctata (Sm.) M. Choisy

Trapelia involuta (Taylor) Hertel

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