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Muellerella lichenicola (Sommerf. : Fr.) D. Hawksw.

Data Set Maintenance: Data set compiled (by C. Kainz, 03-01-29).

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Muellerella. Synonyms: Tichothecium lichenicola (Sommerf.: Fr.) R. Sant.; for more synonyms see Triebel D. (1989) Bibl. Lichenol. 35: 1-278; Verrucariaceae Zenker (1827); Verrucariales.

Type Information: Basionym: Sphaeria lichenicola Sommerf. (1826).

Taxonomic Literature: Taxonomic notes: +ascomatal wall upper parts sometimes thickened, brown, lower parts grayish brown, olivaceous or brownish yellow;. Triebel D. (1989) Bibl. Lichenol. 35: 1-278;.

Biogeography: Holarctic (worldwide in extratropical regions); colline (mainly). Continent: Northern America. Checklist records: Sonoran Desert and United States and Canada (continental) (Channel Islands of California, central Arizona).

Ecology: Biotroph; lichenicolous; endosubstratic.

Ascocarps: Perithecioid (globose to pyriform), not emerging, soon sessile (rarely), (.07)-.1-.125-(.15) mm in diam.. Periphyses: Present (periphyses, c. 1-2.5 µm diam., up to 15 µm long).

Ascospores: 12-16 (more than 64-spored) per ascus, broadly ellipsoid (slightly aciculate) or oval, (4.5)-5-6-(7) µm long, (2)-2.5-3-(3.5) µm wide; septa absent or present (1-septate); transversally septate; 1-transversally septate; wall thin, grey or pale brown (to grayish brown or olivaceous brown), not ornamented.

Conidiomata: Present; pycnidial (c. 50 µm diam., immersed).

Conidia: 3-3.5 µm long; 1-1.5 µm wide.

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