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Endococcus propinquus (Körb.) D. Hawksw.

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Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Endococcus. Verrucariaceae Zenker (1827); Verrucariales.

Type Information: Basionym: Microthelia propinqua Körb., Syst. Lich. Germaniae: 374 (1855).

Taxonomic Literature: Taxonomic notes: ascomatal wall middle brownish, (15-)20-30(-50) µm thick, subhymenial zone hyaline; asci clavate to subcylindrical, sessile or with shortly stalked, 35-50 x 13-15 µm. Triebel, D., Biblioth. Lichenol. 35: 1-278[98-103] (1989); Triebel D. et al., Mycotaxon 42: 263-296 (1991).

Biogeography: Continent: Asia-Temperate, Australasia, Europe, Northern America, and Southern America. Checklist records: Sonoran Desert (U.S.A., Arizona: Coconino Co., W side of San Francisco Peaks near road to Snow Bowl, 2680 m, on volcanic rock, on Tephromela armeniaca (DC.) Hertel & Rambold, 14 VII 1973, T.H. Nash III 7468; U.S.A., Arizona: Apache Co., W side of Escudilla Mtn., 10 km N of alpine, pinefir forest, 3000 m, on basalt, on Carbonea sp., 21 V 1975, T.H. Nash III 10772) and United States and Canada (continental).

Ecology: Biotroph; lichenicolous; endosubstratic.

Ascocarps: Perithecioid, not emerging, becoming adnate, (100)-150-200-(400) mm in diam.. Wall: With a carbonized black clypeus around the ostiole ("Gehäusewand im Schnitt apikal Clypeus-artig verdickt, dort Zellen kaum unterscheidbar, kohlig). Margin: Black. Periphyses: Present (septate periphysoids, (15-)20-30(-40) x (1-)1.5(-2) µm, partly embedded in gelatin).

Ascospores: c. 8 per ascus, oval ("eiförmig bis breit eiförmig, Sporenindex ≤ 2.4", ends scarcely attenuated), (7.5)-8.5-12.5-(13) µm long, 5-7-(7.5) µm wide; septa present; transversally septate (ascospores wall at septum not or scarcely constricted); wall thick, distinctly differentiated into primary and secondary wall, dark brown or middle brown, not ornamented.

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