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Endococcus incrassatus Etayo & Breuss

Data Set Maintenance: Data set compiled (by C. Kainz, 03-05-09) and standard item.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Endococcus. Verrucariaceae Zenker (1827); Verrucariales.

Taxonomic Literature: Taxonomic notes: perithecial wall brown, lighter at the base and the inner parts, K+ blackish, apically with irregular thickenings, 20-25 µm thick at the base, 40-60 µm above, paraplectenchymatous, of several rows of tangentially compressed cells, 7-11 x 2-3 µm, the inner ones with thin and hyaline walls, the outer ones with thick, dark walls;. Etayo J., Breuss O., Österr. Z. Pilzk. 10: 315-317 (2001).

Biogeography: Continent: Northern America. Checklist records: Mexico and Sonoran Desert.

Ecology: Biotroph; lichenicolous; endosubstratic.

Ascocarps: Perithecioid, not emerging, soon sessile ("at first immersed, soon superficial"), .12-.2 mm in diam.. Margin: Black. Periphyses: Present (periphysoids of two kinds: the lower ones long and septate, thin-walled, 16-22 x 1 µm, the upper ones short, simple, with thicker walls, 7-12 x 2(-4) µm). Interascal Hyphae: Present (paraphysoids, simple, septate, soon disappearing).

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