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Bunodophoron insigne (Laurer) Wedin

Data Set Maintenance: Data set standard item. Data set author(s): Wedin M. (96-07-15). Data set to be published after submission; 96-07-15.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Bunodophoron. Sphaerophoraceae Fr. (1831).

Taxonomic Literature: Wedin M., Symb. Bot. Upsal. 31(1): 1-102 [54-59] (1995).

Biogeography: Continent: Australasia and Southern America.

Thallus: Branches compressed (strongly flattened) or applanate (moderately flattened). Upper Surface: Olive or grey-green; epruinose.

Ascocarps: Forming directly at the thallus margin, directly at the tip of the thallus parts. Hymenium: Becoming exposed through cracks (hemiangiocarpous, type A); down-turned.

Ascospores: 7.5-16.5 µm long, 7.5-16.5 µm wide; wall reddish brown.

Conidia: Globose; 3-4 µm long.

Secondary Metabolites: Sphaerophorin, protocetraric acid, ascomatic acid, and methyl ascomatate.

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