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Phaeophyscia endophoenicea (Harm.) Moberg

Data Set Maintenance: Data set standard item. Data set author(s): Moberg R. (95-01-25). Data set to be published after submission; 95-01-25.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Phaeophyscia. Physciaceae Zahlbr. (1898).

Taxonomic Literature: Moberg R., J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 76: 173-181 (1994).

Biogeography: Continent: Europe.

Ecology: Corticolous.

Thallus: Foliose, lobed; separate thallus parts 1 mm wide. Thallus Size and Differentiation: 30 cm in diameter; apex not distinctly broader than average; not curved. Thallus Outline: Margin concolorous the thallus centre. Upper Surface: Brown, smooth; eciliate; without hairs; not isidate; soralia peripheral, labriform, soredia farinose; not lobulate. Lower Surface: Black, loosely attached attached; rhizines moderately abundant, without projections.

Lower Cortex: Paraplectenchymatous, of anticlinal hyphae.

Ascocarps: Sparse. Margin: Smooth.

Ascospores: Physcia-type, 23-28 µm long, 9-11 µm wide.

Conidiomata: Sparse.

Secondary Metabolites: Skyrin.

(report generated 13.Nov.2007)

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