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Buellia insignis (Nägeli ex Hepp) Th. Fr.

Data Set Maintenance: Data set compiled. Data set author(s): Helms G. (01-01-25). Data set not to be published after submission.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Currently accepted name Buellia insignis. Buellia. Physciaceae Zahlbr. (1898); Lecanorineae; Lecanorales.

Taxonomic Literature: Purvis et al., Nat. His. Museum Pub., 1992, p. 134.

Biogeography: Northern hemispheric. Continent: Europe and Northern America. Checklist records: Germany, Italy, Sweden and Norway, and United States and Canada (continental).

Ecology: Biotroph; lichenized; bryophytic; episubstratic.

Thallus: Separate thallus parts thin or thick.

Reproduction Strategy: With sexual (and possible asexual) stages. Ascocarps: .5-1.1 mm in diam.. Disk: Plane to weakly convex; pruinose (when joung).

Ascospores: 21-32 µm long, 8-13 µm wide; septa present; 1-transversally septate; wall apically not thickened, not ornamented (to finely warted).

Secondary Metabolites: Present; atranorin.

Spot Tests: Medulla: K + yellow; C + red (C+ yellow), PD – (or Pd+ yellowish).

(report generated 13.Nov.2007)

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