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Megalospora disjuncta Sipman

Data Set Maintenance: Data set standard item. Data set author(s): Sipman H. (95-05-17). Data set to be published after submission; 95-05-17.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted or basionymous. Taxonomic rank: species. Megalospora. Megalosporaceae Vezda ex Hafellner & Bellem. (1982) @EXCL@ Megasporaceae Lumbsch (1994).

Biogeography: Continent: Australasia.

Upper Surface: Lemon (citrine); special structures present:; isidiate; sorediate.

Ascocarps: Not constricted at the base, 1-3 mm in diam.. Margin: Prominent. Disk: Plane; brown; epruinose. Exciple: Yellow. Epithecium: Apical cells brown. Hymenium: 150-160 µm high.

Ascospores: 1–2 per ascus, 100-145 µm long, 30-48 µm wide; transversally septate; 1-transversally septate.

Secondary Metabolites: Hopane-6a,22-diol and usnic acid; provisional name(s): 'Megalospora unknown B'(or absent).

(report generated 06.Dez.2007)

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