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Lecideaceae template_01

Data Set Maintenance: Data set template and standard item; not revised @EXCL@ revised.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species @EXCL@ variety @EXCL@ form @EXCL@ subspecies. Lecideaceae Chevall. (1826).

Biogeography: Northern hemispheric, holarctic, arctic, subarctic, boreal, Mediterranean, subtropical, pantropical, neotropical, palaeotropic, subantarctic, antarctic, and cosmopolitan.

Thallus: Indistinct or crustose, leprose, squamulose, or placodioid, subsquamulose. Upper Surface: Sorediate.

Upper Cortex: Epicortex absent or present.

Ascocarps: Forming independently from the host thallus or mycelium or inside the thallus or mycelium of the host. Margin: Indistinct to prominent. Disk: Epruinose or pruinose. Hymenium: Iodine reaction: Lugol’s negative or Lugol’s positive, not hemiamyloid or hemiamyloid.

Ascospores: Wall thin or thick, distinctly differentiated into primary and secondary wall, not ornamented.

Spot Tests: Ascocarp disk: PD –.

(report generated 04.Okt.2007)

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