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Tephromela promontorii (Zahlbr.) Rambold

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Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Tephromela. Lecanoraceae Körb. (1855); Lecanorales.

Type Information: Basionym: Lecidea promontorii Zahlbr., Ann. Crypt. Exot. 5: 232 (1932).

Taxonomic Literature: Zahlbr., Ann. Crypt. Exot. 5: 232 (1932); Nash, T.H. III et al. (eds.), Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region, Volume 2 (in prep.).

Biogeography: Continent: Africa and Northern America.

Ecology: Biotroph; lichenized; episubstratic (usually in discrete, +/- orbicular thalli up to c. 10 cm wide but sometimes coalescing to form large patches up to 20 cm wide); substrate calciferous (in open to partially shaded habitats from humid, montane forests).

Thallus: Crustose, subdivided into main (areoles mostly contiguous and fused but when independent 0.3-1 mm wide, irregular) parts, rimose (to irregularly cracked) or areolate (primarily areolate); separate thallus parts thick (up to 1 mm). Thallus Outline: Soon disappearing or persistent (thin); black. Upper Surface: Lime green (to pale yellow).

Reproduction Strategy: With sexual (and possible asexual) stages. Ascocarps: Apothecioid, orbicular or irregular, forming independently from the host thallus or mycelium, not emerging, soon sessile (later), 1-2.5 mm in diam.. Margin: Lecanorine or lecideine/biatorine. Disk: Slightly excavate to plane, black. Exciple: Not carbonized.

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