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Carbonea herteliana Hafellner & Matzer

Data Set Maintenance: Data set standard item. Data set author(s): Kainz C. (00-06-30). Data set reviewer(s): Kainz C.; to be published after submission.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted or basionymous. Taxonomic rank: species. Carbonea. Lecanoraceae Körb. (1855).

Taxonomic Literature: Hafellner J., Linzer Biol. Beitr. 31(1): 507-532 (1999).

Biogeography: Continent: Europe.

Ecology: Biotroph; lichenicolous; growing on calciferous rock. Host or Phorophyte Taxonomy: Rhizocarpon, Rhizocarpaceae.

Thallus: Indistinct.

Reproduction Strategy: With sexual (and possible asexual) stages. Margin: Not flexuose, excluded, distinct. Disk: Plane to weakly convex, black. Exciple: Brown. Epithecium: Apical cells slightly swollen, hyaline (with olive green to black pigment caps) or black (olive-), cell pigment reacting with 10% KOH (Lecidea green). Hymenium: White (interspersed with golden yellow substance from the base). Hypothecium: White (with golden orange cell volumes).

Ascospores: c. 8 per ascus, oval, (10)-12-13.2-15 µm long, 4-4.6-5-(5.5) µm wide, obtuse; septa absent.

(report generated 04.Okt.2007)

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