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Erysiphaceae template_06

Data Set Maintenance: Data set template and standard item.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted. Taxonomic rank: species. Erysiphaceae Tul. & C. Tul.

Ecology: Growing on inflorescences, fruits, galls, all herbaceous parts of the plant, the entire plant, i.e., amphigenous, stems, leaves, petioles, buds, or sepals, tubercules, rootlets, or steles, nodes, twigs, bark, branchlets, buds, internodes, joints, trunk, or steles, along costae, on all leaf nerves, along the leaf margin, along the leaf collar, on the leaf blade, at the leaf base, on tendrils, on stipules, at the leaf apex, on petioles, or on the midnerve only, amphigenous, hypophyllous, or epiphyllous, causing no organ deformation or the growth of galls.

Ascocarps: Scattered, in loose groups, or gregarious. Margin: Not interlaced, interlaced with each other, or interwoven with surrounding mycelium, mycelioid or setiform, uncinate, recurved, circinate, or helicoid, (0)-0-0-0-(0) µm long, (0)-0-0-0-(0) µm in diameter, pigmented or hyaline, few or numerous, (0)-0-0-0-(0) per mm², growing on the upper half of the ascocarp, between the lower and upper hald of the ascocarp, at the ascocarp base, or all across the lower half of the ascocarp, flexuose, stiff and straight, or geniculate (bent), smooth, verrucose, or rough, thin, moderatly thick, or thick, trichotomously branched, penicillate, dichotomously branched, or not branched; basal cell (0)-0-0-0-(0) µm long, (0)-0-0-0-(0) µm wide.

Asci: (0)-0-0-0-(0) asci per ascocarp.

Conidiophores: Streptopodium-type, Pseudoidium-type, Ovulariopsis-type, Oidiopsis-type, Euoidium-type, or Oidium-type; basal cells (0)-0-0-0-(0) µm long, (0)-0-0-0-(0) µm wide. Conidium Formation: Conidiogenous cells Fuliginea-type, Polygoni-type, Cichoracearum-type, or Pannosa-type, single or in chains. Conidia: Sinuate or crenate; with distintly visible fibrosin body or without distinct fibrosin body fibrosin bodies.

(report generated 04.Okt.2007)

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