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Biatora hypophaea Printzen & Tønsberg

Data Set Maintenance: Data set standard item. Data set author(s): Printzen C. Data set reviewer(s): Printzen C.; to be published after submission.

Nomenclature: Current taxonomic status: accepted or basionymous. Taxonomic rank: species. Biatora. Biatoraceae A. Massal. ex Stiz. (1862); Lecanorineae; Lecanorales.

Type Information: Type specimen label data: U.S.A.: Washington, Clallam Co., Olympic Nat. Park, Lake Ozette, Swan Bay, 48deg.07.3' N, 124deg.35.8' W, 10 m, giant trunk of Alnus rubra on the bank of a lake, 29.IX.1997, T. Tønsberg 25220 (BG-holotype).

Taxonomic Literature: Printzen, C. & Tønsberg, T. 1999. The lichen genus Biatora in northwestern North America. Bryologist 102(4): 692-713.

Ecology: Corticolous.

Thallus: Not subdivided parts, rimose. Thallus Outline: Soon disappearing. Upper Surface: Grey or light green; not sorediate.

Margin: Not flexuose or slightly flexuose, indistinct. Exciple: Green (near hymenium, only sometimes) or white. Epithecium: Apical cells green (rarely) or hyaline. Hymenium: (38)-(45) µm high. Hypothecium: Brown (more intense near hymenium), olive, or brownish yellow.

Ascospores: Ellipsoid, (8)-10.3-11.4-(14) µm long, (3)-3.2-3.5-(4) µm wide; septa absent or rarely present; 0-(1)-transversally septate; wall not constricted where the septum meets the spore wall.

Conidia: Bacilliform; (5.5)-6.7-(7.5) µm long.

Secondary Metabolites: Argopsin or norargopsin (traces).

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