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Dacampia: E H R
Dacampiaceae: T
Polycoccum: A B C D E F G I J K M O P R S T U V
Pyrenidium: C S Z
Sphaerellothecium: A C P S

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Dacampia engeliana (Saut.) A. Massal.

Dacampia hookeri (Borrer) A. Massal.

Dacampia rufescentis (Vouaux) D. Hawksw.

Dacampiaceae template_01

Dacampiaceae template_Geo

Polycoccum arnoldii (Hepp) D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum bryonthae (Arnold) Vezda

Polycoccum cladoniae Diederich & D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum clauzadei Nav.-Ros. & Cl. Roux
Polycoccum crassum Vezda
Polycoccum crespoae Váczi & D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum dannenbergii (Stein ex. Eitner) Vezda

Polycoccum decolorans Calat. & Triebel
Polycoccum dzieduszyckii (Boberski) D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum epicrassum (H. Olivier) R. Sant.

Polycoccum epizoharyi Calat.
Polycoccum evae Calat. & V. J. Rico

Polycoccum follmannii (Dodge) Alstrup

Polycoccum galligenum Vezda

Polycoccum infestans (Speg.) Etayo

Polycoccum innatum (Müll. Arg.) D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum jamesii D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum kerneri J. Steiner

Polycoccum marmoratum (Kremp.) D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum microcarpum Diederich & Etayo
Polycoccum microsticticum (Leight. ex Mudd) Arnold
Polycoccum minutulum Kocourk. & F. Berger
Polycoccum montis-wilhelmii Diederich

Polycoccum opulentum (Th. Fr. & Almq. ex Th. Fr.) Arnold

Polycoccum peltigerae (Fuckel) Vezda

Polycoccum rugulosarium (Linds.) D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum slaptoniense D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum sporastatiae (Anzi) Arnold
Polycoccum squamarioides (Mudd) Arnold
Polycoccum superficiale D. Hawksw. & Miadlikowska

Polycoccum tinantii Diederich

Polycoccum trypethelioides (Th. Fr.) R. Sant.

Polycoccum umbilicariae (Linds.) D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum vermicularium (Linds.) D. Hawksw.

Polycoccum versisporum (Bagl. & Carestia) D. Hawksw.

Pyrenidium cryptotheciae Matzer

Pyrenidium santessonii Lücking

Pyrenidium sporopodiorum Matzer

Pyrenidium zamiae (Müll. Arg.) Matzer

Sphaerellothecium abditum Triebel

Sphaerellothecium araneosum (Rehm ex Arnold) Zopf
Sphaerellothecium atryneae (Arnold) Cl. Roux & Triebel

Sphaerellothecium cinerascens Etayo & Diederich

Sphaerellothecium coniodes (Nyl.) Cl. Roux & Diederich
Sphaerellothecium contextum Triebel

Sphaerellothecium parmeliae Diederich & Etayo

Sphaerellothecium propinquellum (Nyl.) Cl. Roux & Triebel

Sphaerellothecium subtile Triebel & Rambold

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